Container LogisticsEuropean & Gateway LogisticsPan European Distribution
  • Distribution of dry, palletized cargo throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Caucuses and the Central Asian Republics.
  • Consignments are delivered door-to-door via a network of transporters, partners and agents; upon request with confirmation of delivery once your consignment has arrived at its destination.
  • Direct links via an extensive network of transporters from and to all Western European countries, as well as the new EU members like Poland, the Baltic States, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, but also Belarus, Ukrain, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation. The GTO operating area also covers the surrounding countries like Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey and Greece.
  • Request for a quotation GTO Expeditie B.V.

Distribution still is an essential link in the transport chain.

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